Bjp Logo 3D

The Bhartiya Janata Party also called as BJP was started as an independent political party in February 1980, after the separation of the Janata Party on the R.S.S issue. Given here are the images, pictures, and wallpapers with Bjp Logo 3D with which you can show your support to the party. Enjoy sharing these 3D logo images with party members.

    It was founded in collaboration with the Hindu nationalist volunteer organisation, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and was widely regarded as the political arm of the RSS.

    The BJP advocates social conservatism and a foreign policy centred on nationalist principles.

    BJP is the party with the tagline of 'Party with difference'. Just download and share these Bjp Logo 3D wallpaper images via social media sites or messenger to show the power of the party to other. These pictures and e-cards are easy to download and share via digital media platforms.

    The party expresses a commitment to Hindutva, and its policy has historically reflected Hindu nationalist positions.

    The BJP's origin lies in the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, formed in 1951 by Syama Prasad Mukherjee.

    BJP is a right-wing party, and its policy has historically reflected Hindu-nationalist positions.

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